Catator presents high-tech catalysis and customized catalytic process design where peak performance and system integration are essential.

We offer the total solution for your emission problems and energy saving.

We solve problems within areas such as:

– Food processing

– Electronic manufacturing

– Agricultural

– Biogas production

– Heat and power production

– Fuel cells and fuel processing

– Boilers

With our proprietary catalyst manufacturing technology we can supply you with highly efficient catalyst products within energy supply systems and environmental solutions.

We can also customize any product to realize specific requirements and achieve optimal solutions for you. All products create benefits for our environment on long-term conditions.

Unique technology with many advantages

Catator’s mesh-based catalysts offer you a number of technical advantages: compactness, geometric flexibility, low pressure drop, high efficiency, quick thermal response, high durability, etc.

The following core values are important to Catator: Efficient, Cleantech, Flexible, Responsiveness and Reachable.

Catator AB

Visiting adress
Catator AB
Ideon Science Park, Delta 6
Sölvegatan 43B
SE-223 62 Lund

Phone: +46 (0) 46 286 22 90

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